Access to safe, healthy child care for Utah families.


To support working parents by protecting the health and safety of children in regulated child care programs. This is accomplished by:
  • Establishing and enforcing health and safety standards for child care programs.
  • Training and supporting providers in meeting the established health and safety standards.
  • Providing the public with accurate information about regulated child care.
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  • On-Line Submission of Background Screening Forms
    All Background Screening forms now must be submitted on-line. The Covered Individual must first submit the form to you. Click on the purple link for the form. Then you must submit the form to the Background Screening Unit through your Child Care Licensing Portal. First click on the Covered Individuals tab. The name of each Covered Individual who submitted a form to you will appear in your Pending Screenings for Covered Individuals section. When you know the individual and want the background screening submitted, click Authorize. When you know the individual and don't want the background screening submitted, click Cancel. When you don't know the individual, click Unknown to Facility.

  • Child Care Licensing Portal
    You should have received a post card about the Child Care Licensing Portal. Click on the purple link to see the information that was on that post card.

  • New Fingerprint Processing Fee
    On February 1, 2015, the fee for processing fingerprints changed from $36.50 to $34.75. This is due to an adjustment to the fee schedule of the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division. This means you must include a payment of $34.75 with each fingerprint card you submit.

  • Enterovirus D68
    Cases of Enterovirus D68 have been reported across the country and more cases are being reported daily. This virus is affecting mostly young children. Children who have contracted the virus will exhibit cold or flu-like symptoms and may have respiratory problems. Proper hand washing is the best way to protect children and reduce the number of new cases. Click on the above purple link for more information.